Godox SL60W Light ( Bundle )

Illuminate your photo and video projects with the Godox SL60W Light Bundle. This comprehensive lighting kit includes the high-performance Godox SL60W Light, a durable Godox Carrying Bag for Lights, and a robust WELBORN Heavy-Duty LS-14 (14 feet) Light Stand. The SL60W light, with its powerful 60W LED, offers accurate color rendering and a broad range of light temperatures, making it perfect for any shooting scenario. The light is also equipped with a wireless control function, allowing you to adjust settings from a distance. The heavy-duty WELBORN LS-14 light stand, extending up to 14 feet, provides stable and secure support for the light. For the photographer on the go, the Godox Carrying Bag is designed to protect and transport your light and accessories safely and conveniently. Rent the Godox SL60W Light Bundle today and experience the difference professional lighting can make in your work.