Godox AD200 Pro + Softbox + Heavy Stand ( Bundle )

Light up your photography game with our exclusive bundle, featuring the Godox AD200 Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit. This powerful, compact flash is perfect for both on-location and studio shoots, offering incredible versatility with its interchangeable flash heads. Pair it with the Godox SB-UE 80cm Portable Octagon Honeycomb Grid Umbrella Softbox. This softbox ensures soft and even lighting, enhancing the depth and details of your shots. Its Bowens mount makes it easy to attach and adjust to your preferred angle. The bundle also includes a Welborn Extra-Heavy-Duty 14 feet Light Stand. This robust stand is foldable and portable, providing steady support for your lighting equipment in any setting. And to complete your professional setup, we've added the DIGITEK DFSB-005 Multipurpose S2 Type Speedlite Bracket. This sturdy bracket securely holds your flash and softbox, allowing for quicker setup and adjustments. Whether you're a professional photographer or a passionate hobbyist, this Godox AD200 Pro + Softbox + Heavy Stand bundle is your secret weapon for stunningly lit photos. Rent it today and bring your creative vision to life.